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At long last July!

Hemerocallis Crimson Pirate

“A lovely garden attracts the eye, Admired and envied by passers-by. There are Achillea, Phlox and Lobelia, Clematis, Jasmine and Abelia, Echinacea, Osmanthus, Miscanthus, Campanula and Dianthus. A tired gardener may think, from his patio seat: “Well worth the toil to give the soul a treat.” Consider the gift Mother Nature has given; Such beauty, yearly, the passion has driven.” Welcome to the first,  well overdue update for July. Life at the nursery is never dull and we are always busy preparing and bringing out new stock which at the moment is looking particularly good. We have baskets, perennials, vegetables and still some bedding plants. Perennials Tall, bursting with root …

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April showers bring May flowers

Happy Sunny Still Days! We are half way through May already! Mick will be holding a stall at the Shires Plant fair in West Bridgford this Saturday. Ian has picked out a nice range of plants in flower for Mick to take along. Weather also looking fine! Don’t forget, if you can’t find what you are looking for ask Mick and he will be able to advise. Bedding plants are all showing bloom now – time to colour co-ordinate your baskets, tubs and borders! There are still plenty of perennials to choose from and more varieties will be coming out onto the nursery every week. The Aquilegia, Verbascum, Ranunculus and Salvia are dancing in the …

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May Day

“In May, sweetness scents the air, And glistening insects dart and blare. Sweet springtime blossoms far and wide. Dame Nature leaves stern tasks aside, To garnish earth with tender care.”   What’s looking good this week? Fruit Trees Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Damsons and Peaches all ready for planting from £17.50 each. Shrubs The shrub area is bursting with fresh, lush colours and all kinds of textures: a selection of evergreen, shade-loving, clay tolerant and variegated shrubs; suitable for tubs, the border and rockeries; slow growing and fast growing. Something for every position and condition. Climbers A nice varied selection of Clematis, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Perennial/Everlasting Sweet Peas and Virginia Creeper all @ £4.50 each in 1ltr …

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More potting


Whilst Mani and Mick are busy promoting the nursery at the Newark Garden Show (pop by and say hello if you are in the area), Ian and Dani are busy potting up the last of the bedding….. Summer Bedding Plants It won’t be too long before hanging baskets will be ready for the season. However, should you be making your own baskets, we’ve got a whole selection of plants that are ready, looking fresh and well rooted. Surfinia, Fuschia, Nepeta, Verbena, Lobelia, Diascia, Nemesia, Bacopa, Bidens, San Vitalia, Calibrachoa … all looking strong and happy! Bedding packs are all out for sale @ £2.50 each and coming on nicely. Geraniums, Marigolds, Dahlias, Ageratum, Alyssum, Lobelia, …

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April come she will

Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

..when streams are ripe and swelled with rain. The spring weather is being very kind to us and the nursery is looking good for this time of year. Our perennials are strong and fresh and we are finally getting them all in order (the logistics of loosing 2 tunnels is unbelievable!) Anyone hunting specific varieties… be quick! Certain liners in flower are selling fast: Dicentra spectabilis (Spectabilis, Alba, Goldheart & Valentine), Pulmonarias (Blake’s Silver, Blue Ensign, Sissinghurst White & Diana Clare), just to mention a couple. Some of the bedding plants are out and ready for sale and looking strong but still needing protection from any frost though. A whole new selection of shrubs and climbers is now …

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