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The Garden and Landscape Guide
Guide to travel, garden design, landscape architecture and landscape planning.

MacKay Carpentry
has been set up by our good friend Marco offering High Quality Workmanship at Affordable Prices.
Whether it be kitchen or living space, outdoor furniture, decking or stair casing Marco has experience of self building and producing bespoke items either in oak, larch or treated timber for durability. Please visit his site for further information.

Sport Sleep Coach
Working at the nursery can be very physically demanding. We are constantly bending over while standing at tables, lifting and carrying trays and plants and dealing with cold and damp conditions in winter. Over time this can take it’s toll and aches and pains have become part and parcel of the job. Nick Littlehales is a specialised Sports Sleep Performance coach working with the top teams and athletes in the country. Nick’s  excellent products and advice have helped us rest better and more comfortably at night allowing us to overcome the demands of day to day life at the nursery.

Hosta Consulting
Helen used to volunteer for us whilst studying at university. Helen has now gone on to set up her own horticultural consultancy and has recently opened a new office in town working on various projects. We would like to give Helen a big thumbs up and wish her well in her new venture.

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