Happy Easter

The tulips in the garden
Are wearing yellow hats;
The pussy willows by the brook
Have fur like any cats’.
The bee is honey hunting;
The robin’s chirp is gay;
And all the world is singing,
“Oh, happy Easter Day!” 

Mani – our meet and greet is feeling much better after a traumatic visit to the doctor’s. Ready to receive you again with a smile!

The plants are loving this weather and are coming on faster than we can cope!
Delphiniums and Lupins still all @ £4.50 each – strong and sturdy and 9 months old. Watch out for the unusual varieties….
Geums are about to flower, Hostas are looking strong and the traditional Iris germanicas and 8 varieties of Lavenders are bursting with health!
Climbers, Shrubs and Trees are smiling at the sky.

Huge selection now ready for planting out (cabbages, lettuces, pak choi, broad beans…); tomatoes are looking sturdy; chillies, courgettes, peppers on their way to being ready by next week.

It is all go, go, go.

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